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    We are a Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in High Performing Sales Funnels for Lead Generation and Ecommerce with a Heavy Emphasis on Facebook as a Marketing Channel.

    AARRR! 5-Step Startup Metrics

    Marketing & Sales Funnels

    We help companies Acquire, Activate and Nurture Customers to Revenue.

    Dave McClure, a venture capitalist, invented a new acronym describing the customer journey - AARRR! Sometimes described as Pirate Metrics. A)cquisition; A)ctivation; R)etention; R)evenue; R)eferral. He was thinking a lot about Apps and Software but the basic flow applies to all sales and marketing funnels.

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    The New Sales Funnel

    We design and build multi-touch funnels that take customers from Awareness through Interest to Consideration and Desire and finally to Purchase adding when appropriate Up-sells, Cross-sells and Referral Engines.

    Steve Blank - the father of the Lean Startup Movement - identified another aspect of the Sales and Marketing funnel that relates directly to and perhaps inspired Dave McClure's AARRR! Method. The traditional customer journey is A)wareness; I)nterest; C)onsideration; P)urchase. Steve connected the post-sale process and invented a two side funnel that includes Loyalty Programs, Up-sells, Cross-sells, and, yes, Referrals.

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    Marketing Channels

    All you need to have a GREAT business is one Marketing Channel that Works! Want to implement a Facebook Ads Strategy? Contact us today.

    A famous saying by Peter Thiel talks about marketing channels - "Distribution follows a power law of its own. If you can get just one distribution channel to work, you have a great business. If you try for several but don’t nail one, you’re finished." Facebook Ads are a paid media channel that can do really well for a lot of businesses. Your margins have to support it. But the preciseness of the targeting and scope of the potential reach is spectacular. High Ticket B2B, Ecommerce, Real Estate, etc. But a funnel is even more important because it is dead cold traffic.

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    We're on a mission to help you grow your business!

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    Steve De Long

    Founder and Chief Strategist

    Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in high performing Sales Funnels for Lead Generation and eCommerce.

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